CD Reviews

"Preaching Venom" Review [July 2008]

Publication: Aardschok Magazine
Reviewer/Translator: Stephan Gebédi
Country: The Netherlands

"Death Metal from the United Arab Emirates of all places and if that band also leaves a large part of the competition behind music-wise as well as sound-wise, then we may speak of a big surprise. A seemingly very natural mixture of old school death metal with a little bit of Kataklysm and the odd Middle Eastern melody. A number of great melodic guitar leads by Rami Mustafa and some acoustic parts here and there increase the dynamics on this album. On top of that, good songwriting and good musicianship. So it's safe to say that Preaching Venom is one hell of an album that even shows a certain degree of originality. Drums by Dave Haley... Don't know if this CD is available over here, so check the band's MySpace page"


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