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"Preaching Venom" Review [June 2008]

Publication: Obliveon
Reviewer/Translator: Stephan Becker
Country: Germany

"About four years have passed since I have reviewed the debut-CD "Human Chaos" by this trio out of the "vacation-location" Dubai. Within these four years these promising exotics have developed into a first-class Death Metal-combo, who have worked hard for a name in the world-wide metal-scene. A good thing was to play nearly everywhere they could, like Dubai Desert Rock Festival twice (2005 & 2008), the Egypt Metal Festival 2007 in Cairo, the Metalcamp Festival 2007 in Slovenia or the Metalstock Festival (also 2007, in Australia). Playing in front of such big audiences and sharing the stage with well-known international acts like Sepultura, Machine Head, Killswitch Engage – just to name a few – have helped to professionalize the band a lot. Cause of this none should be surprised by the quality of "Preaching Venom". Ten first-class old school-Death Metal-tracks plus intro are what James Khazaal (vocals/bass), Barney Ribeiro (guitar) and Rami Mustafa (lead guitar) have composed and recorded for the first full length-album. Unfortunately the guys are still missing an own drummer, so David Haley from Psycroptic was hired for the job.

Everyone who is searching for a killer-album in the Death Metal-genre, packed in a modern extreme metal-sound, with a few great melodies, lots of fantastic riffs and solid and loads of groove, can't ignore this 2008 release by Nervecell. As the production – the mix is done by Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawscy (Vader, Decapitated) and the mastering by Alan Douches (Sepultura, Suffocation, Unearth) – is fine and cover- and booklet-artwork are really outstanding there is no reason why you should not order "Preaching Venom" immediately. While listening to the album I just had one little irritation, cause the melody line in "For every Victim Fallen" starts very unexpected, I first thought it's a different song. But even the for me so unsympathical typical death metal vox can't keep me from rating "Preaching Venom" with 9 out of 10 points."


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