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METAL HAMMER UK Live Review (December 2011) - London's O2 Islington Academy (Morbid Angel tour)

METAL HAMMER UK Live Review (July 2011) of "Psychogenocide" Album Launch @ Sancutary Club [Dubai, March 2011]

Metalcamp Festival 2007 [Slovenia, July 2007]

Reviewer: Christian Girstmair

"Nervecell come from Dubai, and this alone was a reason to check them out. And I have not seen such evil Death metal in a long time. Also the singer seemed to be incarnated evil, I would not have enjoyed meeting him alone somewhere in the woods :) Live they are simply great, I hope they enjoyed their first Europe gig and that they will be back soon."

Turbulence III [Dubai, Feb 2003]

Publication: N/A
Reviewer: KoldVoid

"In their gazillionth incarnation, UAE's longest running heavy rock act (and only really important HC exponents) Nervecell had a lot of doubts to prove. With only the rhythm section of eternal stalwarts James and Hatem remaining, it was anyone's guess how new vocalist Hadji would gel with the band, and even more so whether ex-Sandwash man Rami would be able enough to match the by-now legendary Barney's guitar prowess. Luckily for Nervecell they had some well loved classics up their sleeve to guarantee success, and if anything, the two new members were not going to fail their duties. Coming off as a fully leather clad behemoth of energy that so badly missed a moshpit that he tried to make one on-stage, new vocalist Hadji showed the way to all comatose vocalists how to do things. With a demeanour of anger that maybe only Glenn Danzig would not shy away from in the known universe, going as far as to violently threaten one of the less well mannered members of the crowd. The music too came much more closer to the death/thrash way of doing things as axeman Rami, now seeming much more comfortable within the fold of Nervecell than he was in his previous band, matched the grimness of his other two front of stage comrades and showed he was a killer technical guitarist to boot. If the perennial crowdpleasers "Demolition" and "Vastlands Of Abomination" didn't suit everyone's taste then a crushing rendition of Testament's "Low" managed to provide us with the now necessary "take-a-10-meter-run-and-try-to-move-mr.mountain-Trey" moshpit spectacle. Whether this was their ultimate incarnation, or if the rumours of the band dropping the Nervecell name and following a more death/doom direction prove true, are both left to deep speculation. What was obvious is they had a triumphant fiery baptism, and if this is the last we see of them, a worthy farewell from a band that has rocked, shocked, and inspired for some years now."

Turbulence II [Dubai, June 2002]

Publication: N/A
Reviewer: Zoid

"And finally, we get the masters of bangers - Nervecell. I don't know about you folks, but Nervecell after Abhorred is a brilliant line-up! Comparisons inevitably abound. But as soon as guitarist Barney unleashes the first of the night's incredible guitar bits, you know Nervecell rules a realm of their own. If Abhorred was all about dynamics, Nervecell is clearly all about fucking riffs. Riffs heavier than a 30 dirham whore doing the gallop, riffs catchier than your favorite bad word, and riffs as plenty as abortions in China! Vocalist Anes offers the most chilling shrilled vocals this side of the night, perfectly nailing that Nervecell groove to the coffin. Crowd favorite has to be that song with the riff in the middle that goes: da-da-da-da----na-na-ne-ne-ne. And with this awesome number, the band closes the door on the last bus to hell. Too bad if you missed it!"

Disorientation [Dubai, March 2002]

Publication: Core Magazine
Reviewer: N/A

"One of the most respected metal outfits in Dubai is also one of the most troubled units in the scene. After the departure of Brogan Cofta in 2001, Nervecell was joined by a handful of vocalists who never quite matched up to the band's hardcore standard. Then came Anas, performing with the band for the first time that night. To the sheer delight of their fans, Nervecell finally found the missing element to their musical extreme. And even more gratifying was the fact that the whole band seemed to play even better than ever. Backed by Barney's hammering riffs and Hatem's dynamic drumming, Anas came across like an angry banshee, his shrilled vocals catapulting the Nervecell sound to the next level. Thus began one of the most energetic responses from an audience ever in the scene. The consensus from the crowd was clear: Dubai metal was getting stronger. "

Turbulence I [Dubai, Feb. 2002]

Publication: Campus Journal
Reviewer: N/A

"Nervecell, which seems to be UAE's favourite hometown band, played their now famous "Dead inside" with two vocalist which made an invigorating live set. the group has gone through quite a lot of changes in their line up, the only original members being Barney Ribeiro on guitar and Hatem on drums, who are also responsible for writing the bands music. the band also played the title track of their first demo track called "Demolition".

Battle Of the Bands [Dubai, May 2001]

Reviewer: Ibex

"Nerve-Cell came on a little while after Illuminatus and played a fucking amazing set. The whole crowd was screaming and bouncing and moshing. I know, I was there. Un-fucking believeable, although not as good as Abu Dhabi's Battle. The band played their original song first which the name escapes me and then, like in Abu Dhabi, played a cover of Narcasis.Unfortunately there was a technical problem with Brogan's mic and the backing vocals mic***It seriously was fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!(9/10)"

Human Chaos EP [November 2004]

Publication: Phride
Reviewer: Basel
Country: United Arab Emirates

"I have recieved my copy earlier tonight from Rami and James, as I headed home - the anticipation was mounting to finally listen to this record. Finally, I get to my CD player, inserted the CD and pressed play!

The album opens with a song called 'Signs Of The End' - the opening riff is one that would bang the head that does not bang! Very evil and dark. The song picks up with James's chilling growls until it reaches the '2:16' mark, where this emotional heavy-as-hell riff kicks in, the tempo keeps changing during this part of the song - from slow to fast and so on, then Rami bursts out an oriental solo that will sure make you cum in your pants - the song ends with another verse.

Following 'Signs Of The End', is the legendary 'Vastlands of Abomination' - first thing I noticed is how Nervecell slowed this song down, which makes it sound more doomy, but that does not, in anyway, take away from the overall feel of the song. Very heavy and dark - infact, the main part that I didnt like in the first version was the vocals, but now - the vocals have improved SO MUCH, James gives chilling atmosphere to the song and you feel the grimness in the vocals, awesome is all I can say. The solo is the same except much better played now! The best part is the 'suffering' part - sweet.

We go to the next song, 'The Darkened' - anyone whos seen Nervecell live will recognize this song - the riff is very catchy and groovy, actually the entire song is groovy; this is probably the grooviest song on the EP. But what REALLY stands out in this song is the kick ass riff that comes in at around 2:19 - brilliant riff - Kudos to whoever wrote it. The song then picks up and becomes faster but all the sudden breaks down to heavy palmmuting. The drumming is brillaint aswell.

Then comes the best song on the album, hands down! 'Human Chaos' is a work of art! The craziest metal song the scene has ever experienced. This is on part with material written by greats such as Testament - and I am not kidding. The song is fast, amazing riffs, amazing vocals and insane drumming - 7 minutes of crazy crazy metal! I love the riff changes and the harmonie. At 4:27, the song becomes ORGASMIC my friends, so emotional - these guys know how to write thier music, the harmonizing is so beautiful, then comes in the mind blowing solo! Then the acoustic outro is just so god damn beautiful. Well done Nervecell, welldone- this is the best local song I've heard, hands down!

'Demolition' is up next! The beauty of the old school main riff will put you in awe- the main riff is brilliant - alot of attitude and power. Nervecell played this back in warm up gig - it sounded amazing then, it sounds chaotic here. James shines on this one! The chorus is fucking brutal my friends - the combination of the vocals and the riffs make it an absolutley powerful chorus. The rest of the song is full of kick ass guitar work! Another masterpiece down in Nervecell's books.

All in all, the long wait was worth it! Nervecell worked thier asses off on this record and now I finally understand why it took them this long. This is a very well written, well produced, well mixed and well constructed album - brilliant material from a brilliant band. Kiran has yet again managed to impress the hell out of me with his mixing skills, well done dude. If these guys work hard enough, they can actually get signed. I give this album an 'A' grade, it deserves that! I cant wait to see Nervecell live again."

Battle Of the Bands [Abu Dhabi, May 2001]

Reviewer: Ibex

"Then things really started to heat up. Another first time band , although un-fucking-believable, Nerve-Cell came on. Nerve-Cell were the only band that weren't actually from Abu Dhabi, but actually from Sharjah and Dubai. The band played pure hardcore/emo with the most aggressive set I have seen from a band in Abu Dhabi. The band played un-fucking-believably with 3 songs, 2 originals and a cover of Narcasiss. My thanks go out to these guys and I hope to see you all in Dubai...

...The winners went like this:

Best Guitarist - The Long-Haired dude from Nerve-Cell
Best Bassit - Manolo Pombo of Illuminatus
Best Keyboardist - Dave Crosby of Illuminatus
Best Drummer - Samer of Perverse
Best Instrumentalist - Julio Taylor of Illuminatus and Circe
Best Male Vocalist - Omar Bsharat of Perverse
Best Female Vocalist - Hannah Cartwright of Circe
Most Creative Band - Nerve-Cell
Best Song - Circe for Rest".