We are extremely proud to announce that NERVECELL will be opening for METALLICA at their exclusive show taking place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on October 25th, 2011 organized by Flash Entertainment.

This is an historical event for Heavy Metal Fans all across the Middle East and for NERVECELL to be a part of this is truly a dream come true and an absolute honor for us! We are thrilled beyond belief and cannot wait to share the stage with the biggest band in metal music ever...METALLICA! - a band whom we all grew up listening to at a very young age. METALLICA not only influenced us musically, but most importantly gave us the courage to pick up a musical instrument and become the metal musicians we are today. 
NERVECELL's last performance in Abu Dhabi dates back to the year 2004 and what better way than to come back to perform in the capital of the UAE again alongside METALLICA!

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